Functions of CPLV

The functions of the Centre for the Promotion of Life Values.

The Centre for the Promotion of Life Values which is temporary placed in the School of Business and Economics will perform the following functions:

  • Organize seminars, workshops, training and other programmes to promote the Life Values in the University.
  • Coordinate the teaching of mandatory University wide courses on all the various campuses of the University.
  • Coordinate the Preliminary Programmes of the University; and
  • Responsible for the English and French (Language) Proficiency Unit


The objective of the Centre for the Promotion of Life Values (CPLV) is to inculcate in our graduates values and skills such as; honesty, hard work, truth, determination, commitment, excellence, humility, integrity and faith in God. We believe that these values will not only make the students Disciplined Leaders, but will also make them Channels of Change in their chosen fields.