International Student Office



The Centre for International Education (CIE) was established in September, 2015 under the office of the President of the Presbyterian University, Ghana. The Centre which was set up by Rev. Professor Emmanuel Adow-Obeng (Past President, PUG) principally aims at bringing together all the exchange programmes as well as the international relations between the University and other institutions of higher learning outside Ghana under one umbrella. The Centre also coordinates the activities of international students across all campuses of the University. This is aimed at providing an environment that is conducive for their stay in the University and Ghana at large. The Centre is interested in establishing links/affiliations with institutions of higher learning in UK, USA, China, Germany and other African countries.



The Mission of CIE is to coordinate, support and promote the University’s international strategy by establishing international partnerships and linkages while acting as a resource to faculties and department across the University.


Acting as the link between the University and the rest of the world, the vision of the CIE is to make the Presbyterian University, Ghana a global centre of academic excellence that provides international education for staff/faculty and students through collaborations in research as well as faculty/staff and student exchanges


Core Values

Achieving the above stated Mission and Vision requires some core values. The Centre and all its activities will therefore be guided by the following values:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Equality of access
  • Hardwork
  • Excellence


Activities of the Centre

Among other things, the Centre’s activities include:

  1. Fostering, supporting and coordinating all the international linkages between the University and other international institutions of higher learning.
  2. Coordinating and monitoring the activities of international students on campus.
  3. Assisting international students to settle down when they arrive on campus.
  4. Introducing international students to basic Ghanaian Language skills as well as cultures and practices.
  5. Assisting international students in processing their resident permit/visa documentations and documents.
  6. Advancing knowledge in Business, Science and Technology through research collaborations and publications and information sharing.
  7. Assisting the University in its international student recruitment/admission drive.

Administration of the Centre

The Centre for International Education is headed by a Coordinator who runs the day to day affairs of the Centre. The Centre is under the direction of the Office of the President. Therefore, the Coordinator is directly responsible to the President of the University who determines his duties from time to time. In addition to the Coordinator, there is an Administrative Assistant who supports the administrative work of the Centre.

The responsibilities of the Coordinator include:

  1. Promoting, supporting and coordinating all institutional linkages and staff/student exchange programmes in the University.
  2. Advising academic and administrative units of the University on problems and aspirations of International Students on the campuses.
  • Regularly providing updates for the Centre’s portal on the University’s website.
  1. Liaising with Assistants Deans of Students on the various campuses of the University on all matters affecting International Students.
  2. Assisting the University’s international students’ admission drive.