Okwahu Campus (Abetifi)

The Okwahu Campus is located at the town of Abetifi, one of the seventeen original towns (Nkrotoo) of the people of Okwawu at the southern part of the Okwawu-Mampong ridge in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The Abetifi section of the ridge forms the highest inhabited location in Ghana at about 630 m (2080 ft) above sea level. It has the desirably cool and pleasant climate (average 25oC) associated with elevated locations in the tropics.

The seventeen towns are clustered together at an average distance of four kilometres from each other and about 180 km from Accra (Ghana’s capital) and 130 km from Kumasi (second capital). The cluster is within a radius of 16 km. The gateway is through a metropolitan town of Nkawkaw at the foot of the ridge on the Accra-Kumasi highway with a population of 45,000.

Abetifi is one of the early Basel Mission stations in the country. The Basel Missionary Reverend F.A. Ramseyer and his wife were taken through Abetifi as captives of war (one of the Asante-European wars) on the way to Kumasi in 1869. Rev. Ramseyer later returned to Abetifi to establish a mission station and a school in 1876.

The Church and the Ramseyer Lay Training Centre mark the enduring presence of the Presbyterian Church in the town. The Ramseyer Training Centre is currently sharing space with the College on land that was given to Rev. Ramseyer.

The resident population of Abetifi, about 15,000, is engaged in farming, fishing, livestock rearing, crafts and trading. The local economy is supported by a large semi-resident business population in the large urban towns in all the regions of Ghana. With the exception of the regional capitals in the country, Abetifi is well endowed with various educational institutions with several primary and secondary schools, technical and vocational schools, and a high ranking college of education.


The Okwahu Campus is the main Campus (Head Office) of the University and hosts Faculty of Science and Technology and the School of Business. The programmes BSc. Mathematics, BSc. Computer Engineering, BSc. Information and Communication Technology, BSc. Agribusiness, and BSc. Business Administration.

Study facilities

The Okwahu Campus has the state-of-the-art computer laboratory and modern teaching facilities required to support the delivery of the full range of degree HND programmes on offer. In addition, the campus also has a fully functional library with contemporary books and high speed internet facilitates to aid students research work.

Hostel Accommodation

The University provides housing to its students, especially Level 100 (first year) students at its premier hostel. The University ensures that adequate security, sanitation and utility services are provided for students.

Transport Service

Bus shuttle services are also available for students. The buses provide shuttle services for students to move from Hostel to Lectures, other official functions and travel.

Chaplaincy and Life Value Lessons

The Chaplaincy leads the development of the total person through espousal of Christian principles and values.