Akuapem Campus

Located on the Salem Grounds at Akropong-Akuapem, a historic town with a rich blend of tradition, the Akuapem Campus of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana is approximately 49 kilometers from Accra. Akropong has a population of about fifteen thousand people and lies on a hilly site on the Akuapem-Togo Range of between 381metres and 500 metres above sea level. Its weather is very cool and lovely for most parts of the year.  It is currently home to the Faculty of Development Studies and Faculty of Education.

The Campus runs Graduate programmes which include MPhil in Educational Studies, M.Ed. in Educational Studies, M. A. International Development Studies, MSc. Natural Resources Management, and MSc. Environmental Health and Sanitation. The Undergraduate programmes include B.Ed. Social Studies, BSc. International Development, and BSc. Environment and Natural Resources Management. The programmes are run on Regular, Weekend (Friday evening – Saturday evening) and Modular / Sandwich streams.

Study facilities

The Campus can boast of a modern computer laboratory and a specialist environmental laboratory. You will find all the industry-standard facilities required to support the delivery of the full range of all the degree programmes on offer. In addition to the laboratories, the campus has facilities, such as:

  • Standard lecture rooms with projectors;
  • A fully functional library with contemporary books; and
  • Study benches for group activities.

Social facilities

The campus boasts of a good mix of social and leisure facilities on site, from a mix of canteens and restaurants to sporting facilities. Students’ hostels are also available at close proximity to campus. The students have access to a shuttle system to and from lectures. Its mountainous terrain is conducive for “keep fit” and camping activities.

Around the campus

Depending on one’s interest, the Akuapem campus offers an enriched array of adventure to explore. Each area has its own unique history. The culture, festival and people of Akropong lend themselves to a strong tourist attraction. Being the capital town of the Akwapim Traditional Area, the “scared seat” of the traditional areas. The Odwira festival is a spectacular and colourful ceremony by the people of Akropong, held in September/October and must be on every student’s calendar. Akropong has been one of the seats of education in Ghana and has a long standing root in Presbyterian Education.

Akropong hosts the second oldest tertiary institution in West Africa, the Presbyterian College of Education and it has many historical artefacts, archival materials and relics of the Basel Missionary activities. There are many Basic, Secondary and Vocational Schools also at Akropong. In the town itself, one can find shops and market centres for all students’ needs thereby making students’ stay a fulfilling experience.