M. A. International Development Studies (IDS)

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The Masters in International Development Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary programme drawing from courses in diverse fields of study such as economics, history, political science, sociology and social anthropology as well as social policy. The IDS programme will offer students a challenging graduate degree programme with special focus on practice opportunities and career development, thereby offering promising professional careers in the broad area of international development.

Students will emerge from the programme with a thorough grounding in the history, debates, dimensions, institutional approaches, and critiques of the present field of international development and practice. Given the programme’s importance on building a bridge between academic discourse and development practice, the students will be expected to be able to evaluate documents of the international donor community, including the World Bank, analyse the institutional language of development professionals, and know how to put together proposals for grants and implement a development research. The programme is affiliated to University of Cape Coast and based at the Akuapem and Kumasi Campuses.

Entry Requirements:

The Graduate Admission Committee for International Development Studies will accept students who have obtained at least Second Class Lower Division or its equivalent in a relevant degree programme, including an honours degree in Social Sciences, Humanities and Pure Sciences after passing an interview.



Special Admissions

In special cases an applicant who does not have a first degree but is adjudged suitable may be admitted into the MA programme. Such an applicant must:

i. Have special knowledge and considerable experience in his/her area of interest.
ii. Have a Diploma in the relevant field of study
iii. Be at least 40 years of age.
iv. Submit a transcript of his/her academic records.
v. Pass a selection interview.


Third Class (must pass a selection Interview)


Sandwich / Weekend

Campuses: Akuapem / Kumasi


2 Semester (1 year)




Course No.     Title                                                                                                        Credit hrs

IDSP 801      Theory and Practice of International Planning and Development              3

UCMP 803     Research Methods I                                                                                            3

IDSP 805      Gender Analysis and Theoretical Perspectives                                               3

IDSP 807      Environment and Local Development                                                              3

IDSP 809      International Development and Social Policy                                                 3

Total                                                                                                                                       15


2ND SEMESTER                                 

Course No.     Title                                                                                                      Credit hrs

IDSP   802        Political Economy of Development                                                            3

UCMP 804        Research Methods II                                                                                     3

IDSP   806        Development Workshop / Practice Development                                   3

UCMP 812        Dissertation                                                                                                     6

Total                                                                                                                                    15


(Select at least one course)

IDSPa 810      NGO and Development Planning and Management                                 3

IDSPb 812      Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities’

Access and Management                                                                                                           3

IDSPc 814      Analytical Approach to Population and Development                               3

IDSPd 816      Conflict Resolution and Peace                                                                        3

For further information, call: +233 (0)22 77 213 / +233 (0)22 77 210

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