Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environment and Development

The Presbyterian University, Ghana has obtained accreditation run Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environment and Development programme. The programme offers the following:

Aim of the Programme:

The aim of the programme is to train students to help to solve environmental and developmental challenges.

Objectives of the Programme:

The programme has the following specific objectives:

  • To develop a wide range of courses for intellectual foundation in environmental and developmental challenges.
  • To develop students to critically analyse the environmental and developmental challenges within societies.
  • To equip the students with the necessary skills to develop policies to solve developmental and environmental challenges.
  • To equip students with practical skills to carry out independent research on environmental and development issues

National Relevance

Ghana currently is being faced by environmental and development problems. These include illegal mining, which is popularly known as galamsey. This results in pollution of water bodies, which can no longer be used for drinking and other domestic uses as well as for irrigation. In addition, farms and farmlands are being destroyed of illegal mining depriving farming communities from their mainstay, which is farming. In addition, land degradation as a result of overpopulation, overconsumption, deforestation, technological and industrial development also negatively affect the use of the land for farming and other uses.

Climate change, which is now a global issue also negatively, affects Ghana. Rainfall patterns have changed which is sometimes difficult to predict when to plant; some animal species are destroyed as a result of too much heat or flooding, which are among other challenges faced by Ghana as a result of climate change.

The discussions show that environmental issues can seriously affect Ghana’s developmental agenda. It is against this background that the PhD in Environment and Development is designed to study some of the environmental challenges that Ghana faces, of course are now topical issues, and how they can be addressed towards Ghana’s developmental goals. Environment and Development as said by Brighton (2017) are bedfellows, so they needed to be studied together, which is the major focus of the programme.

Uniqueness of the PhD Programme

Most universities in Ghana that PhDs similar fields like environmental science and Development Studies. But none of the Universities including others combined the two (2) disciplines, that is Environment and Development, which are said to be bedfellows. Our PhD programme combines the two disciplines, which makes it unique from other programmes in other universities. 

Inadequacies in Skills

Many Ministries and Agencies, which are working to resolve the environmental challenges largely have backgrounds in Environmental, related disciplines. In a few cases where they have some development-related backgrounds such as Geography too have more concentration on environmental issues, for example, Physical Geography. This programme however would give almost equal attention to both Environment and Development so that in an attempt to tackle the environmental challenges including researching on it, attention would also be given to the effect of the environment on development. Students after completion would there have almost equal backgrounds in both areas.

Expected Outcomes to pursue the PhD in Environment and Development Programme

Upon successful completion, the graduate teachers will:

  • Have solid intellectual foundation on development and environment discipline
  • Acquired the necessary skills to critically analyse environmental and developmental challenges
  • Acquired necessary skills to develop policies in addressing environment and development challenges
  • Acquired the necessary skills to conduct research on environment and development issues.

The Structure of the PhD Programme in Environment and Development is as follows:

First Year – First Semester

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHED 901Ecosystem and Landscape3
PHED 903Theory of Science in Development and Planning3
PHED 905Natural Resources Management3
PHED 907Advanced Research Methods and Statistics3
PHED 909Advanced Environmental and Social Impact Assessment3

First Year – Second Semester

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHED 902Disaster and Risks Management3
PHED 904Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS)3
PHED 906Environment and Climate Change3
PHED 908Sustainable Development3
PHED 910Development Economics3
PHUC 902Seminar I3

Second Year – First Semester

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHUC 907 Thesis60

Second Year – Second Semester

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHUC 904Seminar II3
PHUC 907Thesis continuous60

Third Year – First and Second Semesters

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHUC 905Seminar III3
PHUC  907Thesis continuous60

Fourth Year – First and Second Semesters

Course CodeTitleCredit Hours
PHUC  907Completion of Thesis60

Duration of PhD programme:

The duration for completion of the Doctor of Philosophy degree shall be four (4) years for full-time students.

Stream: Regular (Full time)

Target group:

Those interested to teach at the tertiary level and those who would like to consult in the general area of Environment and Development.

Entry Requirements into the PhD Programme

The Graduate Admission Committee for PhD in Environment and Development will accept students who have obtained M.Sc., M.A. and M.Phil, and its equivalent from a recognised University in relevant degree programmes in Social Sciences, Humanities, Pure Sciences and Engineering after passing an interview.

Degree to be awarded

On successful completion of the course, the degree of Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in Environment and Development will be awarded.

How to Apply

For online Application:

Purchase E-voucher at GHc200 using MTN Mobile Money by visiting the University’s website:

For Hard Copy:

Application forms can be obtained from all the Campuses of the University, the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Head Office, Osu – Kuku Hill. For further enquiries, call or WhatsApp: 0501510034