MSc. Environmental Health and Sanitation


The programme is affiliated to the University of Cape Coast. The curriculum is designed to equip the student to apply knowledge of concepts and principles of environmental health and sanitation to effectively serve society in a variety of roles and ways to address its environmental health and sanitation challenges. The student is also to be trained to apply the acquired skills in entrepreneurship, business, community, government and other vocational settings.

Entry requirement

A candidate seeking admission to MSc. Degree programme must:

  1. Have obtained a good first degree (at least a Second Class) in an appropriate field of study from a recognized University.
  2. Submit an official transcript of academic records.
  3. Submit at least two referee reports, one of which must be from a former lecturer.
  4. Satisfy any additional requirements prescribed by the Faculty and the department. These may include relevant work experience, a written entrance examination and/or an interview.

Special Admissions

In special cases an applicant who does not have a first degree but is adjudged suitable may be admitted into the MSc. programme. Such an applicant must:

  1. Have special knowledge and considerable experience in his/her area of interest.
  2. Have at least GCE ‘O’ Level/SSCE/WASSCE passes in English Language and Mathematics.
  3. Have a Diploma in the relevant field of study.
  4. Be at least 40 years of age.
  5. Submit a transcript of his/her academic records.
  6. Pass a selection interview.

A candidate who possesses a First Degree in the Third Class or Pass and who has at least three (3) years working experience in the relevant discipline may also be considered for admission into the MSc. programme. Such candidates will need to pass written exams and oral interview before admission.





Programme Structure



Course code No. Course Title T P C
Core Courses
EHSP 801 Environmental Impact Assessment 2 1 3
EHSP 803 Environmental Sanitation Management 3 0 3
EHSP 805 Global Environment and Climate Change 2 0 2
UCMP 803 Research Methods 2 1 3
EHSP 807 Disease Control 1 1 2
EHSP 815 Internship 2 2
Electives: Maximum of 6 credits
EHSP 809 Contaminated Site Evaluation and Restoration 2 1 3
EHSP 811 Infection and Vector Control 2 1 3
EHSP 813 Occupational Health and Safety 2 1 3
Total 21


Core courses
EHSP 802 Environmental Monitoring and Risk Assessment 2 0 2
EHSP 804 Seminar Presentation 1 1
EHSP 806 Application of Quantitative Methods 2 0 2
NRMP 810 Environmental Communication Skills 2 0 2
EHSP 808 Sociology and Public Policy 2 0 2
EHSP 810 Control and Management of Hazardous Waste and Disaster 2 1 3
EHSP 818 Dissertation 3 3
Electives: Maximum of 6 credits
EHSP 812 Environmental Pollution Control 2 1 3
EHSP 814 Food Safety and Hygiene 2 1 3
EHSP 816 Water, Sanitation and Health 2 1 3
Total 21