Math Clinic For Senior High Schools(Life Without Mathematics)

Math Clinic For Senior High Schools

– Life Without Mathematics…

“Math is not about numbers or the right answer.

Math is about discovery and exploring different ways of thinking.

It’s about teaching your students that they can solve any life problem and giving them the tools to make it possible.”

As part of the annual programs of the Department of Mathematics of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG), the Association of Mathematics Students embarked on series of seminars in some selected Senior High Schools (SHS) on the Kwahu Ridge. The seminars popularly known as the ‘Math Clinic’ centered on the importance of mathematics to real life, job opportunities after obtaining a mathematics degree and some simple and fast techniques for solving mathematics problems.

The Association, led by Mr. George Okai held a Clinic St. Dominic’s Senior High and Technical School at Kwahu Pepease. At the program, Mr Gabriel O. Fosu presented the topic ‘Mathematics and God’. He used simple mathematical theories to explain that, God is omnipresent, omnifarious, and infinite. He further explained the triune nature of God with a simple maths proof. The students were made to understand that God gave us mathematics to understand His ways.

In their presentations on ‘Probability and Set Theory”, Mr. Isaac Oduro and Mr. Felix M. Addo introduced the students to simpler and faster techniques in solving maths problems. They concluded with simple day to day life examples of differentiation, geometry, number theory and trigonometry.

The Department was also hosted by the Abetifi Technical Institute (ABTEC). Mr. Gabriel O. Fosu introduced the participating students to ‘Mathematics and Nature’. He illustrated how the Almighty God used Fibonacci Sequences in the creation of the universe.

Mr. Evans K. Mensah who explained to students ‘How to study Mathematics’ highlighted that mathematics is not a spectator sports but best learned through practice.  He implored students to take interest in Mathematics as it presents numerous job prospects.

The occasion ended with a spectacular presentation on ‘by. In explaining that mathematics is to make complex things simple but not simple things complex, Mr. Charles O. Obiri and Miss Emmanuella P. Boateng made presentations on “The Simplicity of Mathematics” which did not only blew up the minds of both students and teachers but also got them excited about mathematics.

The Department takes keen interest in this project as it sees it as critical in developing students’ interest in mathematics and get them to undertake courses in mathematics. The Department believes this will go a long way in helping students perform well in mathematics at the SHS level.

“Mathematics, in the common lay view, is a static discipline based on formulas…But outside the public view, mathematics continues to grow at a rapid rate… the guide to this growth is not calculation and formulas, but an open-ended search for pattern.”  Lynn A. Steen.