Precious Standhope honoured by PUCG

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences on behalf of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) has honoured Precious Standhope, a student of the Department of Physician Assistantship for placing 2nd in this year’s Face of Physician Assistantship Students Association of Ghana (PASAG).

The Physician Assistantship Students Association of Ghana (PASAG) National held the Face of PASAG, 2017 competition during the Association’s 2017 Week Celebrations at Central University.

Precious Standhope, who won the Face of PASAG-PUCG said she was motivated to join the context as it presented a platform for her to get underway her project dubbed “Making a Difference”.

She explained that the Project “Making a Difference” seeks to mobilize the youth in local communities to impart positively on their community in terms of development through community involvement activities.

According to Precious Standhope, the youth in the selected communities would be given a skill- set training to help them actively participate in developing their communities. She stated the project involves three phases.

Precious Standhope receiving citation from Mr. Daniel Nayembil, Head of Department, Physician Assistantship

First is Mobilization Support, where communities are identified and the youth in the communities mobilized for sensitization on the project.

The second is Information Support. At this stage, various speakers drawn from different professions would speak to the youth on how they can develop themselves and also impart positively on their communities through community involvement activities.

Finally, Emotional Support. She explained that even though some of the youth are talented and can impart positively on their communities, they remain in their shells for reasons of stereotyping, prejudice and inferiority complex. The focus of the project is to reach out to these people and help them make most of their talents and skill sets.

Ms. Precious Standhope hopes to roll out her Buruli Ulcer Outreach project concurrently to help sensitize the community folks on the Buruli Ulcer disease. She is expected to mobilize PASAG-PUCG members and University Nursing Students Association of Ghana (UNSAG) members of the Nursing Department of the University for this project.

Ms. Precious Standhope would receive support from the Presbyterian University College, Ghana to successfully implement the project to the benefit of society.

One of the core mandates of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana is to provide leadership in the communities within the catchment areas of the University’s five campuses for sound socio-economic development.