Centre for Continuous Professional Development [CCPD]

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The Centre for Continuous Professional Development [CCPD] of Presbyterian University College, Ghana is a Centre of Excellence for the provision of professional training and development, consultancy, and research service for sustainable future. The Centre relies on the superior skills, expertise and competencies of Faculties to offer results and value to clients, businesses, public and private organizations through capacity building, institutional collaboration and provision of   practical tailor-made programmes.   

  • Strategic Vision

We   strive   to   be   an   innovative professional   development   hub that   inspires   continuous improvement of people, organizations, communities in Ghana and beyond, and recognize for its excellence in meeting client’s needs.

  • Mission

In line with the its vision, the CCPD distinguishes itself innovatively in solving problems and building the capacity of organizations both in the public and private sectors through collaboration and advancement of the professional expertise of staff that promote excellence and sustained growth.

  • Objectives

The objectives of the Centre are to:  

1.   provide training services through the offering of professional programmes: short and certificate courses that meet the needs of professionals from various industries;

2.   provide consultancy services in the areas of leadership skills, management, governance, and administration to support the national development of Ghana and beyond;

3.  provide business and social research services that will develop and provide empirical results to innovatively solve business and social problems confronting organizations;

4.   create and enhance links between the University and external organizations such as increasing research opportunities thereby helping the University achieve its mission of knowledge transfer to improve the local and regional economies;

5.  liaise with various professional bodies and institutes to organize accredited short certificate programmes;

6.   to create a market niche for the University and enhance its reputation;

  • Services /Areas of Concentration

The Centre provides services in:

•   professional training and development programmes: short courses

•   Consultancy services

•   Business and Social research service


Kindly call the Coordinator on 0502271090/0244705695

Email: ccpd@presbyuniversity.edu.gh  

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