Grant Automatic Charter to Private Universities

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The President of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng has called on Government to grant Private Universities that have gone through successful mentorship for ten to fifteen years Automatic Charter Status to help reduce the financial burden on Private Universities.

The President made the statement in a speech he delivered during the 11th Congregation of the University held on 28th October, 2017 in Abetifi Kwahu in the Eastern Region.

Rev. Prof. E. Adow Obeng said the most debilitating challenge facing most Private Universities is inadequate funding noting that “PUCG, like most private universities, rely almost entirely on internally generated funds for all its annual programmes and activities”.

The President said this challenge has come about as a result of tortuous processes of affiliation and accreditation which place excessive financial pressure on the Private Universities.

While commending the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) for their roles in ensuring quality at all levels of University Education, Rev.  Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng argued that monies saved from affiliation and accreditation processes can be channeled into research, staff development, expansion of programmes and infrastructure development.

He said NAB will still scrutinize new programmes before they are offered by the Private Universities, a job he believes it (NAB) has been doing very well.

Funding Private Universities

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng reiterated the plea for Government to abolish the 25% corporate tax that Private Universities pay on what he calls “imaginary” surpluses since according to him such policies are “serious disincentive to the Private Education Enterprise.”

Citing examples from Belgium and Netherlands, the President of Presbyterian University College, Ghana called for the debate on the use of public funds to support Private Higher Education in Ghana to be intensified whilst Heads of Churches play advocacy role in this direction.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng argued that considerable number of Ghanaian students study in Private Universities hence they (Universities) deserve research grants, subsidies for equipments, infrastructural expansion and vehicles from Government because their parents and guardians also pay taxes into funds used to support Public Universities.

Moreover, there must be fair and equal treatment of students regardless of their institutions noting that Private Universities such as PUCG have campuses in areas where the population are less privileged and their presence have improved the socio economic life of the people.

Employment of Graduates Nurses from Private Universities

“It is quite incomprehensible that in this era of advancement in Nursing Care, and high ratio of nurses to patients, the Government of Ghana finds it very comfortable to allow Nurses trained by various Private Universities-to sit at home instead of creating the enabling environment for them to render essential services to the country, Rev. Prof. E. Adow Obeng said.”


He called on Government and its agencies responsible for employing Nurses to reconsider its decision and rather absorb these Degree Nurses into various hospitals to serve their country with the skills and competencies they have acquired through their training.


Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng also entreated the Government to seriously consider the exportation of Nurses to other countries, if the Government feels that our health sector is now inundated with Nurses in order to curb the situation of unemployment.


A section of the graduating students


Presbyterian University College, Ghana has initiated scholarships to attract more Presbyterian students to enroll in the University. Presbyterian students enrolled will enjoy 5%-10% rebate on tuition fees.

Besides, every student enjoys 5% discount on upfront payment of full tuition fees for the Academic Year. In addition, PUCG has drastically reduced International Students Tuition Fees between 22%-50% with effect from the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

PUCG has also introduced with effect from this year, an Opanin Boateng Bursary Award for the best overall first year student. The award money will go towards the payment of the student’s second year fees.


Research Grants

The University, through the Faculty of Development Studies, has been able to secure USD 44,000.00 from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund to implement a 16 months project entitled ‘Promoting Conservation of Endangered Primates in Three Forest Reserves in Ghana”.


Pursuit of University Linkages

To improve on academic scholarship and funding in the University, PUCG is giving international dimension to its programmes with collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University UK (CCCU).

Two main programme areas, identified as start to the collaboration, are Midwifery and Physiotherapy. CCCU will provide PUCG with expertise to draw up curricular for accreditation.

Initial joint research, and Faculty and Student exchanges will revolve around these two programmes. Both Universities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to govern this linkage.

Advice to the Graduands

The President of Presbyterian University College, Ghana, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng charged the graduating students to be steadfast in their beliefs and always put their country first.

“Find inspiration in the five core values which are enunciated across the University: Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, Discipline, and Faith in God,” the President advised.

Statistics of 2017 Graduating Students



FIRST CLASS HONORS                                               39 46 85
SECOND CLASS (UPPER DIVISION)                       184 217 401
SECOND CLASS (LOWER DIVISION)                     105 143 248
THIRD CLASS                                                                44 44 88
 PASS   6 9 15
TOTAL 378 459 837


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