Information Technology Systems Section

About Us

The I.T.S Section has been established by the University to use modern information and communications technologies and other educational tools to drive its programmes wherever possible.

The I.T.S Section is responsible for the development and deployment of IT services and infrastructure which supports the University’s Teaching, Learning, Research and Administrative activities. The Section is expected to support all Faculties, Departments and Sections with innovative products and services that will enhance their Productivity and Research Activities. Currently the I.T.S Section is providing the following services at the main campus and all the satellite campuses of the University;

  • Internet Services (Local Area Network and Wide Area Network)
  • Website Management and Support
  • E-Learning Management and Support
  • Social Media Management and Support
  • Technical and Repairs Services
  • Infrastructure (Network and hosting of Servers)
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia Services
  • Library Systems Support and Management

Our Focus

  • To lead and support the use of Information and Communication Technology to enhance Academic and Research potentials in the University.
  • To discover new tools and products that will serve the University’s community and protect her Electronic Infrastructure.
  • To leverage on the institutions IT resources for efficient and efficacious use to the competitive advantage of the University.

This, the Unit pursue aggressively though the involvement in planning and implementation of all IT related activities of all the  faculties department and units in the University and collaborating with sister institutions to share ideas and create opportunities for the University.


There are four major Sections expected to be built in the I.T.S Section and these are:

  1. Data Centre/ IT Security: This Unit is responsible for hosting all applications (software solutions in the university) and serves as the concentration point of all applications and communication devices. This section is also responsible for the security of the University’s information systems.
  2. Enterprise Infrastructure / Networking: This section is responsible for the installation of the University’s campus network and all telecommunication services such as telephone, Video Conferencing, VoIP etc.
  3. Application and Collaborative Technology/User Support: This Unit is responsible for policy planning, Licensing, Product documentation, Project management, Students support, Lectures support, Lecture room maintenance, End-user computing and Helpdesk support.
  4. Enterprise Application and Solution Integration: This Unit is responsible for the Development, deployment and testing of new applications, end user application computing and application integration. Web application development and testing. 

Staff Member

Senior Members:

  1. David Adamah (Ag. Head. / Assistant Network Administrator)
  2. Raymond Commodore ( Assistant Information Systems Analyst)

Senior Staff Members:

  1. Courage E. Kofie (Snr. ICT Technician – Akuapem /Tema Campus)
  2. Patrick Dankwa (Snr. Hardware Technician -Okwahu Campus)