Online Short Certificate Programme –  8th Edition, July 2023

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Presbyterian University, Ghana’s Centre for Continuous Professional Development (CCPD) is organizing a 3-week intensive online certificate courses from Monday, 24 July to Thursday, 10 August, 2023.   Lectures will be held online from Monday to Thursday, from 6 pm to 9 pm GMT.    

The cost per programme is ₵1000 per local participant and US$ 200 per international participant. PUG alumni, PUG students, and Presbyterians have a 25 % discount on the fees. The courses are as follows

  •   Certificate in Strategic Marketing and Customer Value Management


 Globalization, intense competition, and an unstable business environment has brought to bear the need for businesses to adopt strategic marketing. The core function of marketing: identification, creation, communication, delivery, and monitoring of customer value cannot be effectively performed by a marketing department. Choosing target markets and acquiring, retaining, and increasing consumers through the creation, delivery, and communication of greater customer value need interdepartmental collaboration and interdependencies. This course presents a comprehensive framework for developing and implementing sound strategic marketing and customer value management.


 The goal of this course is to equip participants with strategic marketing and customer value management skills.

Learning Objectives


Module 1: Overview of Strategic Marketing

Module 2: Capturing Marketing Insights and Using Marketing Research

Module 3: The Marketing Environment and Strategy

Module 4: Developing and Implementing Marketing Strategies

Module 5: Connecting with Customers

Module 6: Strategic Creation and Delivery of Value

Module 7: Strategic Communication of Value

Module 8: Using Sustainable Marketing to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Target Group

 Board members, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, finance officers, heads of academic institutions, relationship officers, HR officers, administrators, media personnel, production managers, health workers, politicians, and individuals interested in strategic marketing and customer value management

  •   Certificate in Certificate in Project Management  


This course is to expose participants to the fundamentals of project management practices to equip participants with vital skills to manage projects towards success. Thus reducing uncertainty, managing risks, and controlling change, teams with effective project management deliver on expectations with less stress and frustration. It encompasses essential elements and processes involved in project management and will equip participants with the skills necessary to enter the job market.


The programme is uniquely designed to provide participants with the framework for understanding the dynamics of discipline in project management.

Learning Objectives

  •  To expose participants to the overview and practice of project management and its application in delivering successful projects
  • To lead participants to evaluate a project, develop the scope of work, provide accurate cost estimates, and plan the various activities
  • To expose participants to the evaluation of the process for ensuring that project activities design, plan, and implementation are effective and efficient concerning the purpose of the objective and its performance
  • To assist participants to identify the resources required for project management and producing a work plan and resource schedule
  • To expose participants to understand and use risk management analysis techniques that identify the factors that put a project at risk, and to quantify the likely effect of risk on project timescales
  • To equip participants to be to develop a project management plan and change control systems to integrate and monitor the various project elements


Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management

Module 2: Project Scope and Time Management

Module 3: Introduction to Project Quality Management

Module 4: Project Schedule, Cost and Budget Control

Module 5: Project Risk Management

Module 6: Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Target Group

Project officers, M & E officers and individuals interested in project management

  •   Certificate in Cyber Security Management  


Cyber security specialists capable of defending an organization against hackers, malware, and other information security risks are in high demand. There is the need to accelerate the creation

of qualified cyber security experts capable of competing with bad actors or hackers on an ongoing basis.


This course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth overview of current cyber security management trends

Learning Objectives

  • To expose participants to the foundations of cyber security
  • To equip participants with GRC approach to managing cyber security
  • To equip participants with Network Security Management skills
  •  To empower participants with cyber security incident and disaster management skills.


Module 1: Foundations of cyber security

Module 2: GRC approach to managing cyber security

Module 3: Network Security Management

Module 4: Cyber security incident and disaster management

Target Group

IT and ICT professionals, System Administrators

  •   Certificate in Cloud Computing      


There is an increasing demand for cloud computing professionals capable of deploying and managing cloud resources for end users across the globe. This certificate is for you if you are prepared to start your journey in cloud computing.  


This course covers the fundamentals of cloud computing. You get the foundational knowledge necessary to comprehend cloud computing from a business viewpoint and to become a cloud practitioner. You comprehend the concept and basic aspects of cloud computing, as well as its history, the business case for cloud computing, and emergent technology use cases made possible by cloud.

Learning Objective

  • To expose participants to Cloud Computing


Module 1: Overview of cloud computing

Module 2: Cloud computing models

Module 3: Components of cloud computing

Module 4: Emerging trends and practices

Module 5: Cloud security and monitoring

Module 6: Case Study and Project

Target Group

This course is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including executives, managers, and students who wish to become familiar with cloud computing terminology and concepts, as well as those who wish to start a career in cloud computing or become cloud practitioners, such as cloud engineers, developers, analysts, etc.

  •    Certificate in Criminal Law


Knowledge and understanding of Criminal Law for non-lawyers is essential in promoting criminal justice. This course is to introduce participants to the Criminal Code, Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 646)


This course seeks to expose participants to the Criminal Code, Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 646)

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce participant to general provisions in Criminal Code
  • To expose participant to offences against the person
  • To expose participant to offences against rights of property
  • To expose participant to offences against public order, health and morality
  • To introduce participant to consequential under the Criminal Code


Module 1: General provisions

Module 2: Offences against the Person

Module 3: Offences against Rights of Property

Module 4: Offences against Public Order, Health and Morality

Module 5: Consequential

Target Group

Individuals interested in Criminal Law

  •  Certificate in Relationship and Couples Counselling  


 The programme is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve relationships and couple counselling and understand challenges, and overcome them. The programme is intended to provide the framework that would enable counselors to work with couples in understanding the challenges; assisting them to resolve their problems, and effecting behaviour modification through a participatory and clinical intervention.


The goal of this programme is to equip participants with the necessary skills and techniques to manage and counsel couples and people in relationship.

Learning Objectives

  • To examine the overview of relationship and couples counselling
  • To identify the characteristics of a couple during the stages of life
  • To expose participants to the various crisis of couples in family and relationship life
  • To introduce a basic level of knowledge and skills in working with different client groups and specific client issues.
  • To examine the theories approaches, skills and techniques in relationship counseling
  • To examine various clinical interventions necessary for a successful relationship and couple counselling


 Module 1: Overview of relationship and couples counselling:  The past and present

Module 2: Characteristics of the couple during all the stages of life.

Module 3: Crisis of couples

Module 4: Fundamentals of working with couples

Module 5: Theories, approaches, skills and techniques in relationship and couples counseling

Module 6: Clinical interventions/case studies

Target Group

 Religious Leaders, Para-Counsellors, Teachers, Health Workers, Social Welfare Officers, Heads of Educational Institutions, Parents and anyone Interested in Relationship and Couple Counselling Development.

*A participant must attend at least 80% of the online lectures in order to receive a certificate.     

To register please contact

 The Coordinator, CCPD 

+233 (0) 244705695, +233 (0) 502271090, (0) 544058359

WhatsApp +233 (0) 0502271090


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