Presbyterian University College, Ghana holds it’s 19th Matriculation

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The Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) held its 19th Matriculation ceremony on10th , 11th and 12th of March, 2022 on three of its campuses to usher in the freshmen and women into the 2021/2022 Academic Year.

Addressing the gathering, the President of PUCG, Professor Ebenezer Oduro Owusu said Matriculation begins a new cycle of life in the University by formal admission of candidates for degrees as Junior Members in status pupillari.

He stated that an important aspect of the ceremony is the swearing of the Matriculation Oath that binds students to observe the rules and regulations of the University, to obey the President and other officials of the University, to apply themselves diligently to their studies, to seek knowledge and truth, and to promote the general good of the University. Hence they are duty-bound to keep to this oath.


The University admitted 702 students into various undergraduate programmes for the 2021/2022 Academic Year. Out of the total figure 283 are males and 419 are females giving a ratio of 1:2 male to female.


Speaking on the need to promote the e-learning system in the educational sector, the President, Prof. Oduro Owusu, reiterated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and as such how it has become important to give much priority to online learning.

He added that the “restrictions and lockdowns, social distancing and the cost of procuring PPES, enforcement of the COVID-19 protocols have all negatively affected the conventional ways of teaching and learning.”

“Since the virus is still lurking around, it is necessary to adopt new methods of teaching and learning amidst the pandemic because all other things can wait, but education cannot wait until the pandemic is over,” he noted.

Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu

Although there are already existing technologies like the internet and e-learning infrastructure that make it possible, Prof. Oduro Owusu was concerned that many students especially those living in rural or poor households find it difficult or impossible to participate in e-learning because they do not have access to the necessary devices, the Internet, or reliable electricity according to the 2019 Afrobarometer survey by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD).

He therefore called on the government to support educational institutions especially private ones through the provision and distribution of laptops and tablets to students, and expand affordable and reliable internet access to schools in the rural areas as part of the Digitization Agenda.

The President disclosed that the University is upgrading its Internet Infrastructure with Okwahu Campus already connected to the Ghana Academic and Research Network (GARNET). The Asante Akyem, Akuapem, Tema and Kumasi campuses will be fully connected to GARNET from the month of April this year.

Establishing the School of Engineering at the Obo site

According to the President, preparations are well advanced to start the School of Engineering at the Obo Facility which was donated by the Obohene, Nana Yeboah Afari Obuagyan II.

He acknowledged the Chief and Elders for providing scholarship package for ten applicants to pursue the B.Sc. Computer Engineering programme and mentioned that nine students have currently enrolled. He said the BSc. Computer Engineering programme will be relocated to the Obo Site next month to commence full academic work at the facility.   

Prof. Oduro Owusu hinted the University’s intention to introduce other programmes such as Automotive Engineering, Materials Engineering and Electrical/Electronic Engineering to complement the B.Sc. Computer Engineering programme.

He said “Our approach is to expose our students to experiential hands-on training throughout their study years in partnership with industries, to ensure that our students graduate with innovative products to show.”

In that regard, “a candidate coming into the Engineering School enters with a project in mind, work at it through rigorous research and graduate with a product in hand and as such, we are committed to pioneering the commercialisation of research ideas into products through tested incubation and entrepreneurship.” 

Advice to Matriculants

Advising the Matriculants, Professor Oduro Owusu said the PUCG stands for Discipline which stems from the Holistic Education it offers, stressing on its motto “Discipline in Leadership.”

“Here at PUCG, we believe discipline is important to every human society since it inculcates in the individual the ability to choose and to do what is right at all times,” he said.

Enumerating the qualities of a disciplined individual, the President said “a disciplined individual is able to manage emotions, persevere against all odds, selfless, hard-working, and motivated noting that such a person has a good interpersonal relationship with others and does not engage in negativities, respects authority and obeys all rules and regulations.”

A section of the matriculants at the ceremony

Prof. Oduro Owusu believes these qualities are integral for the success of every individual and community. He said “this is the aim of the University, to train students to acquire certain skills and aptitudes that will change how they think and act, leading to self-control, creativity, and innovation.”

To him, the University’s core values of Faith in God, Integrity, Commitment, Discipline, and Excellence must permeate whatever they do adding that these are values that will make them disciplined leaders as well as agents of change in their chosen fields.

Rules and regulations of the University

The President drew the attention of the matriculants to the fact that all students are on probation for the entire period of their study in the University cautioning that although they have been matriculated and therefore have privileges and rights as students of the University, they can be withdrawn at any time for unsatisfactory academic work or misconduct.

This implied that students must be of good behaviour at all times and study diligently, including regular attendance to lectures and all University functions such as mid-week services, life value workshops, and talks.

He emphasized that it is compulsory for all students to participate in all official programmes and functions of the University.

Touching on dressing, the President affirmed that students are expected to dress with decorum and decency. “The University has a dress code and it is mandatory for all formal University events including but not limited to, lectures and other official gatherings and functions.

According to Prof. Oduro “the way one dresses creates a certain impression about the individual and what one wears influences what others think of that person.” He encouraged the matriculants to dress well.

The President’s other major concern was on the subject of integrity in Course Assessment and Examinations. He said PUCG would conduct examinations without the use of invigilators, hence implored matriculants to comport themselves during assessments and eschew all forms of malpractices during examinations.

Address to Law Students

Turning his attention on the Law students, Prof. Oduro briefed them on how competitive Legal Education has become in Ghana. Putting across that after they have obtained their LLB certificates, they have a competitive task of sitting for the Law Entrance Examination which will grant them admission into the Ghana School of Law to prepare them to qualify as professional lawyers.

A Law student signing the Matriculation oath at the ceremony

The President therefore, implored the Law students to ensure that their primary objective of coming to the PUCG Faculty of Law should include studying for the LLB certificate to be admitted to the Ghana School of Law and eventually to be called to the Ghana Bar.

He added further that their study was not going to be smooth-sailing but was optimistic of their success stating that their success depends on how they co-operate with lecturers in order to gain good understanding and appreciation of the Law.

He motivated students of the Faculty of Law to ask questions and seek clarifications respectfully and also to never hesitate to let lecturers know when they are struggling or facing challenges.

They were pepped up to attend tutorial sessions, do assignments, tests, pop quizzes among others as means to help them succeed.


Ending his address, the President of PUCG expressed gratitude to the Moderator and the entire Presbyterian Church of Ghana for the continued support to the University over the years. He also thanked Nananom, for their support to PUCG over the years.

Prof. Oduro Owusu called on the financially endowed Presbyteries to sponsor as many students as possible to study at the Presbyterian University College, Ghana.

Finally, he expressed gratitude to all parents, guardians, families and friends present at the matriculation ceremony and expressed Management’s appreciation to them for bringing their sons, daughters and wards to the Presbyterian University College, Ghana.

The President assured parents that the University will not only impart knowledge but also instill the critical values of truth, honesty, integrity, discipline and faith in God in their wards.

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