Presbyterian University Matriculates over 900 students

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Presbyterian University, Ghana held its 20th matriculation ceremony, enrolling more than 900 students into various Faculties of the University.

Welcoming the fresh students into the University, Prof. Oduro Owusu, Preside nt of the University emphasized the importance of the ceremony, especially, the aspect of signing and swearing of the Matriculation Oath.

He was pleased to welcome them at a time when the University had attained Presidential Charter and was convinced that they will not regret choosing Presbyterian University, Ghana for their career development.

Uniqueness of the University’s Undergraduate Programme

The President said as a faith-based private University, it was committed to producing holistic individuals within the context of Christian ethics and values embedded in the educational philosophy of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana- faith in God, excellence, commitment, integrity and discipline.

A section of the students at the matriculation ceremony

“Fundamentally, our programmes are aimed at developing high-quality graduates and leaders with comprehensive understanding and the capacity to address the various challenges that have bedeviled our beloved country and the entire continent of Africa in your chosen disciplines of study underpinned by Christian ethics and values.” he said.

Prof. Oduro Owusu stressed that the University stands for discipline which stems from the “Holistic Education” provided in the institution.

The President added that the University aims to train students to acquire critical skills that will change how they think and act, leading to self-control, creativity and innovativeness. He therefore encouraged matriculants to be disciplined in all aspects of life.

On the issue of school rules that matriculants must adhere to, Prof. Oduro Owusu was particular about student’s exhibiting a high level of integrity during course assessments and examinations.

A student of the Faculty of Law receiving a copy of the Holy Bible and the Student Handbook at the ceremony

He explained that it is the dream of the university to conduct examinations without the use of invigilators. He therefore encouraged students to eschew all forms of cheating in examinations.

Matriculants were further urged to take full advantage of the opportunities that the programmes offer by participating actively in discussions on the e-Learning platform for continuous engagement with lecturers and facilitators throughout their study.

Concluding his address, the President expressed gratitude to all who made it possible for the University to attain its Presidential Charter.

He extended his warmest appreciation to all guardians, families and friends gathered at the ceremony and assured them of quality education for their wards.

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