President visits Chiefs of Kwahu Traditional Area

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The President of PUCG, upon assumption of office on December 1, 2021 as the 3rd President of the University, called on the Chiefs and elders of the Kwahu Traditional Area to introduce himself and also seek their support, and collaboration towards the development of the University.

At the Abene Palace

The Kwahuhene Dasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II and his elders at Abene were very enthusiastic to receive the President and his team the Abene palace.

After the exchange of pleasantries, the Chief was glad to hear that Prof. Oduro Owusu is a native of Kwahuland, and thus wished him great strength and wisdom in all his pursuits as President of the University.

He made a request to all the people present to always remember to pray for a successful tenure of office for the President.

The President expressed much gratitude to the Kwahuhene Dasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II for the offer of lands, and further asked for the continuous support of all the Chiefs of the Okwahu Traditional Area and their people.

Nkwatia Palace

The traditional leaders of Nkwatia Kwahu and some members of the community who had gathered for the celebration of the Akwasidae Festival welcome the President and his team. 

The Nkwatiahene expressed appreciation to the PUG team and advised that their doors should always be opened to members of the community. The traditional leaders promised to offer any support within their capacity to the University.

The Chief of Nkwatia Kwahu in a photograph with the PUCG team

The President also assured the leaders and the people of Kwahu Nkwatia that they are always welcome to the University, and that his doors are always open to receive them. 

He added that the University would also, offer whatever support that it could to the community. The leaders and the people prayed for success for the President.

At the Mpraeso Palace

The PUCG team met Nana Ampadu Daaduam III, Chief of Mpraeso, in the company of his sub-Chiefs, elders and some people of the Mpraeso Township.

The chief on behalf of his people expressed reservations about the University’s relationship with the community. He advised Management to desist from the practice where contacts are made to the Chief only when the University needs some assistance or when the Chief is being invited to a graduation ceremony.

Nana Ampadu Daaduam III, some elders of his palace and the team from PUCG in a group photograph

Nana Ampadu Daaduam III further urged the University to make proper use of the land offered to it.

The President of the University thanked the Chief and his people for the offer of land, adding that the land will soon be put to use. He said the University is planning to establish some certificate programmes for artisans such as carpenters, electricians, masons and so on, to make them more polished for their jobs.  He encouraged the people to take advantage of the programme when it is rolled out.

The Chief expressed appreciation for the courtesy call and wished the President well in all his pursuits.

At the Abetifi Palace

The Chief of Abetifi, who is also the Adontenhene of the Okwahu Traditional Area, Akyemfour Asiedu Agyemang III and his elders warmly welcomed Prof. Oduro and his team upon arrival at the Abetifi palace.

The chief mentioned some observations made by the community in respect to the University and said that the practice where chiefs are not accorded the necessary recognition, including addressing them wrongly during functions should be critically looked at.

Akyemfour Asiedu Agyemang III expressed concern about the decrease in enrolment of foreign students in the University. He urged the President to go every length to attract more foreign students into the University.

He however, expressed satisfaction that the University would soon obtain its Charter, as was announced at the graduation ceremony.  He advised that the University takes advantage of the Charter to improve the quality and delivery of programmes being run by the University to enhance enrolment.

Akyemfour Asiedu Agyemang III in a group photograph with Prof. Oduro Owusu (standing – right)

The President and his team were further advised to always contact the chiefs and not to wait till there is a problem. He assured them of the University’s support in finding solutions to challenges and providing assistance whenever it is needed.

Prof. Owusu thanked the Chief and people of Abetifi for the warm reception, the frank observations made as well as the land offered to the University. The President intimated that the University has put measures in place to attract more foreign students onto its programmes.

He indicated that the University would always call on the Chiefs for support in times of need and assured them that his doors are always open to the Chiefs and people in the community.

At Pepease Palace

At Pepease, the PUCG team met Nana Ayirepe Bonsu Ababio and his sub-Chiefs at his residence.

The chief implored the President to build upon what his predecessor had done. He asked for God’s blessings upon the President and prayed for success in all his endeavours.

Nana Ayirepe Bonsu Ababio in a group photograph with the PUCG team

Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu was pleased with the reception and the pieces of advice. He promised to work hard for the growth and development of the University.

At Asakraka Palace

The visit to the Asakraka Palace was described by the Chief Nana Somua Mireku-Nyampong as appropriate noting that it was indicative of the fact that the University sees the Chief and his people as part of the University community.

He indicated how the gesture is appreciated and assured the President and his team that they are prepared to offer any support within their power to the University.

Nana Somua Mireku-Nyampong suggested that the University should introduce other programmes which would be attractive and serve the contemporary society.

Nana Somua Mireku-Nyampong and some of his elders with the PUCG team in a group photograph

He suggested courses like Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and its related programmes to the University.

He called on all the Chiefs of Kwahu to come together to support the University for its growth and development.

The Chief promised assistance the University in its admission drive and requested that the relationship is strengthened. They prayed for a successful tenure for the President.

The President, Prof. Oduro Owusu was thankful to the Chief and elders of Asakraka for their warm reception and their preparedness to collaborate with the University.

He assured that the University would consider the suggestions for the proposed programmes and indicated that they would be called upon to support when the need be.

AtObomeng Palace

The Chief of Obomeng, Odeefo Nana Effah Pinamang III, was joined by all his sub-Chiefs to welcome the President and his team. He expressed profound gratitude to the PUCG Team for honoring him with the visit.

The Chiefs indicated that there is no University at the Kwahu West Municipality, thus, they consider PUCG as their own, pledging to do whatever within their power to support the University to succeed.

Odeefo Nana Effah Pinamang III (middle), some elders with the PUCG team

The Chief made an appeal through the President to the Presbytery to assist in establishing mission-based technical and vocational institutions in the Kwahu West Municipality.

The Chief expressed their preparedness to offer whatever land that would be needed for that purpose and also, agreed to collaborate with the University when the need arise

He also called on the University to consider mounting some certificate courses or some training programmes for the adults within the community. Nana Effah Pinanang III, asked the President to leave a mark of the University at Obomeng as a legacy.

Further, he noted that education has no end, and therefore, requested the University to extend its distance learning programmes to the Chiefs, taking into consideration, courses that would be relevant to them.  He pledged to offer his support when such programme commences.

The President thanked the Chief and his people for the assurance of support.  On the issue of adult programmes, the President said it could be arranged.  He called on the Chiefs to give it all the needed support when it is rolled out.

The President also indicated that the Chief might be called upon to serve as a resource person in some programmes that will be rolled out by the University, through public lecture among others. 

 At Tafo Palace

The PUCG Team visited the Chief of Tafo, Nana Kwasi Opoku sMinita II, at his palace at Tafo. He expressed gratitude to God that the Church had appointed an indigenous person and an academician to be at the helms of affairs of the University.

Nana Kwasi Opoku Minita II indicated his interest in the education of his people, and has therefore instituted a scholarship for the youth of the town. He said he was doing everything possible to encourage the youth of his town to get quality formal education.

Nana Kwasi Opoku Minita II with PUCG team

The Chief expressed his willingness to offer the University any land it may need for whichever projects it wants to undertake.

The President of PUCG thanked and mentioned that he would do everything possible to see to the success of the University and therefore, called on the Chief and his people to support the University in that direction.

At the Obo Palace

The PUCG team visited the Chief of Obo, Nana Yeboah Afari Obuagyan II at his palace at Obo.  The Chief was in the company of some of his Elders. 

Nana Yeboah Afari Obuagyan II expressed gratitude to the President and prayed for God’s guidance and wisdom for him to succeed as the President of the University.

Talking about the running of the Computer Engineering Programme, the Chiefs present requested the University to widen the admission requirements to enable more applicants qualify to enrol on the programme.

A particular mention was made on the fact that it is only Science students that could be admitted to read the programme.  The Chiefs requested reconsideration of that aspect of the requirements to make way for other applicants who do not have any deficiencies in Mathematics and Science to be able to enroll on the programme.

Head of the Computer Engineering Programme, Ing. Odei Bempong, explained the reason for the requirements for admission onto the Programme.  It was however agreed that a meeting would be fixed to deliberate on the way forward.

The President thanked the Chief and his people for the reception, and indicated that the University would do anything possible to make the programme a success.

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