You must be Visionary to Transform Society

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The Acting Chancellor of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG), Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey has admonished graduates of the 11th Congregation of PUCG to be visionary if they are to impact society positively.

The Acting Chancellor of PUCG also charged the Graduating Students to hold on to the Presbyterian principles and values imbued in them in their quest to becoming transformational leaders.

“While a goalless life is not worth living, even a visionary life without leadership inspiration is doomed to fail,” Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey noted.

The Acting Chancellor gave the advice in a speech he delivered at the 11th Congregation of the Presbyterian University College, Ghana on the theme “Achieving a Vision: the Role of Leadership”, at the Okwahu Campus of the University.

According to Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey, Leadership involves attending to human needs with a HEART OF GOD to achieve the vision of justice, equity, peaceful and harmonious interrelationships in the socio-cultural environment.

“Leaders must see themselves in the image of God, with a vocation of participating in God’s Vision and Mission of sustaining the life of creation, especially humanity,” he said.

Admonishing the graduates about the expectations from the society, the Acting Chancellor said “The value of your higher education is in your contribution to making life abundant, meaningful, just and peaceful for you and others around you.


Plea to the Government

Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey called on the Government to take a second look at its level of support to the Presbyterian University College, Ghana in particular and other mission founded universities in general.

“This is because our students are also Ghanaians who serve the country upon completion of their studies,” he argued.

The Acting Chancellor believes such a move will provide equity in the distribution of the national budget for education to all students irrespective of where one is studying.

“We therefore call on the Government to consider extending the subsidies to the Mission-based Universities, since such universities are supporting the Government in the provision of tertiary education to the citizenry as well as providing a rich human resource base for the nation,” Rev. Dr. Victor Okoe Abbey opined.

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