About Us

The Presbyterian University, Ghana Libraries provide comprehensive access to quality books, magazines, journals, databases, professional educational resources and effective services to support the academic and research needs of PUG students, faculty and staff.

The Presbyterian University libraries include Okwahu Campus Library (the main campus Library), Akuapem Campus Library, Asante Akyem Campus Library, Tema Campus Library and Kumasi Campus Library. There are computers with internet connectivity in all the libraries for research and general use.

The Library is open to all students, faculty, staff of the PUG and the community.


Mission Statement

The library’s mission is to select, acquire, process, organize, preserve, interpret and maintain library materials which are suitable to the academic and cultural interest of the University and community therein.



Monday to Friday       9:00am – 10:00pm

Saturday                     9:00am – 7:00pm

During Vacation:

Monday to Friday       9:00am – 10:00pm

Saturday                      9:00am – 7:00pm

Note: The Library does not operate on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Library Registration

All categories of users are expected to register with the library at the Circulation Desk. Some form of identification eg. An admission Letter, ID card etc. will be required for registering. For students of PUG, your student ID will serve as your library borrowing card. This must be produced before you are allowed to borrow from the library. Registration is valid for the duration of a registered programme. Users who are not members of the University community will be issued with a library card and will be charged an annual registration fee of Gh₵ 10.00. Replacement of lost card will cost Gh₵ 2.00.

General rules

  • Silence should be observed in the library at all time.
  • Books consulted in the library should not be returned to the shelves. They should be left on the tables.
  • Smoking and eating are forbidden in the library.
  • Brief cases, handbags etc should be placed in the pigeon holes provided at the Circulation Desk. A tag will be given as receipt.
  • Books borrowed must on no account be passed from reader to reader, but must in all cases be formally returned and re-issued at the Issue Desk.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be charged on the spot.
  • No seat shall be reserved for any reader.
  • Books recalled shall be returned within 3 days or a fine shall be imposed.
  • All borrowed books should be returned by the last day of each semester. Failure to return all library books at the end of the academic year may result in examinations results being withheld till books are returned.
  • All readers using the library must enter through the main entry point and leave through the same point.
  • All library materials and equipment must be treated with care. Any damage occurring should be reported at once.


Offences and Sanctions

1. Failure to return borrowed Book on date due.  A fine of 50 Gp per day up to 7 days, there after70 Gp a day for a period of one month, after which a replacement Fine will be charged.
 2. Loss or misplacement of a book(s).   The offender will pay twice the current price of book(s) in cedis, plus a processing charge of Gh₵ 5.00. 
 3. Failure to return book and other materials on demand (i.e. when a book is recalled).   Suspension from the University plus any overdue fine. 
 4. Writing in library books or underlining sentences.    Shall be liable to the current price of the book incedis and lose borrowing right for one semester.
 5. Mutilation of books and related materials i.e. tearing of pages and sections.   Shall be liable to the current price of the book incedis and lose borrowing right for one semester.
 6. Unlawful acquisition of library materials/Stealing.   Dismissal from the University.