Online Certificate Programmes : January 2023 Edition

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Centre for Continuous Professional Development (CCPD) in collaboration with PUG Faculty of Law is organizing 3 weeks of intensive online certificate courses from Monday, 23 January to Thursday, 9 February 2023.   Lectures will be held online from Monday to Thursday, from 6 pm GMT to 9 pm GMT.  

The cost per programme is ¢1000 per local participant and US$ 200 per international participant. PUG alumni, PUG students, and Presbyterians will have a 25 % discount. The courses are as follows

  • Certificate in Criminal Law


  Knowledge and understanding of Criminal Law for non-lawyers is essential in promoting criminal justice. This course is to introduce participants to the Criminal Code, Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 646) 


 This course seeks to expose participants to the Criminal Code, Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 646)

Learning Objectives


 Module 1: General Provisions  

Module 2: Offences Against the Person

Module 3: Offences Against Rights of Property

Module 4:  Offences Against Public Order, Health and Morality

Module 5: Consequential 

Target Group

 Individuals interested in Criminal Law

  •  Certificate in Intellectual Property Management


 In today’s knowledge-based economy, intellectual property, intellectual capital, and organizational capabilities are crucial for increasing business performance and economic growth. Intellectual property rights, as a company’s most important intellectual asset, allow innovators to collect the full value of their work. Organizations must now develop competence and capability not only in terms of creating intellectual property through R&D, but also in terms of managing it and giving it appropriate weight in strategic decision-making.   


 The goal of this course is to equip participants with intellectual property management skills

Learning Objectives

  • to educate participant on managing copyright
  •  to expose participant to managing patents
  •  to expose participant to managing trademarks
  •  to educate participant on managing industrial designs
  •  to equip participant with unfair competition management skills     


 Module 1: Managing Copyright

Module 2: Managing Patents

Module 3: Managing Trademarks

Module 4: Managing Industrial Designs

Module 5: Managing Unfair Competition

Target Group

Individuals interested in intellectual property management

  • Certificate in Labour Law


An organisation’s most valuable asset is its labor force; to encourage productivity and a healthy working environment, it is crucial for employers, employees, and labor union officials to understand and be familiar with labor legislation.  This course seeks to expose participants to the Labour Act, 2003.     


This course seeks to expose participants to the Labour Act, 2003

Learning Objectives

  • To expose participant to Labour Act, 2003     


 Module 1:  Public Employment Centres and Private Employment Agencies  

Module 2:  Protection of Employment 

Module 3:  General Conditions of Employment

Module 4:  Employment of Persons with Disability

Module 5: Employment of Women

Module 6:  Employment of Young Persons

Module 7: Fair and Unfair Termination of Employment

Module 8: Protection of Remuneration 

Module 9: Special Provisions Relating to Temporary Workers and Casual Workers 

Module 10: Trade Unions and Employers’ Organisations

Module 11: Collective Agreement

Module 12:  National Tripartite Committee 

Module 13: Forced Labour

Module 15: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Module 16: Labour Inspection

Module 17: Unfair Labour Practices

Module 18: National Labour Commission

Module 19: Strikes

Target Group

Individuals interested in Labour Law

  •  Certificate in Income Tax Law  


 Tax reform is a hot political issue that is always being discussed. The complexity of the legislation, along with news stories about millionaires who deftly evade paying taxes, are likely to confirm the unpleasant concerns of many people that they are being unfairly taxed. This course seeks to expose participants to the Income Tax Act, 2015.       


 This course seeks to expose participants to the Income Tax Act, 2015      

Learning Objectives

  • To expose participant to Income Tax Act, 2015      


 Module 1:  Imposition of Income Tax 

Module 2:  Income Tax Base

Module 3:   Rules Governing Amounts Used in Calculating the Income Tax Base

Module 4: Assets and Liabilities

Module 5: Rules Governing Types of Persons

Module 6: Special Industries

Module 7: International

Module 8: Tax Payment Procedure

Module 9: Interpretation

Module 10:  Temporary and Transitional Provisions

Target Group

Individuals interested in Income Tax Law

  •  Certificate in Land Law


 Then need to harmonise and consolidate the laws on land to ensure sustainable land administration and management, effective and efficient land tenure has become pertinent. This course is to introduce participants to the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036).    


This course seeks to expose participants to the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036)   

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce participant to interests and rights in land     
  • To expose participant to land administration and land management
  • To expose participant to offences and miscellaneous provisions


 Module 1: Interests and Rights in Land  

Module 2: Land Administration and Land Management

Module 3: Offences and Miscellaneous Provisions

Module 4: Schedules

Target Group

Individuals interested in Land Law

*A participant must attend at least 80% of the online lectures in order to receive a certificate.     

To register please contact

 The Coordinator, CCPD 

+233 (0) 244705695, +233 (0) 502271090, +233(0) 544058359

WhatsApp +233 (0) 0502271090


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