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Facing adversity with courage and developing grit are qualities one needs to navigate through the maze of life.

These same qualities are what have propelled Ms. Nusimebea Vorsah, a level 300 Human Resource Management student at the Presbyterian University, Ghana to pursue her dreams.

Ms. Vorsah, the last of seven (7) children, was born to the late Mr. and Mrs. Vorsah over 25years ago. She was left crippled in her teenage years whilst seeking treatment for a health condition.

This did not deter her from pursuing her dreams but rather served as a catalyst for her to aim high in life in terms of education.

Upon completing Senior High School, she began a trade in hair braiding and beads making to aid her save some money for tertiary education in addition to help from her family. Having gained some financial strength, she began to search for a tertiary institution that will favour her physical condition and help build her entrepreneurial abilities.

Presbyterian University, Ghana was Ms. Vorsah’s choice and she has never regretted this. She is content with the kind of tutoring and warm reception she receives from both staff and students at the University.

Ms. Vorsah likes to build relationships, and this is the reason why she decided to do Human Resource at the tertiary level. Her ultimate goal is to study law with focus on Human Rights.

She believes the educational system in Ghana is not favorable to persons with disabilities and they encounter a lot of prejudices. This is why she wants to influence the formulation of laws to favour people with disabilities.

Presbyterian University, Ghana wishes her the very best. The sky is just the beginning.

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