Doris Fiasorgbor

MSc, BA.
Position: Lecturer
Faculty: Faculty of Development Studies
Department: Environmental and Natural Resources Management
Campus: Akropong-Akuapem
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Brief Profile:

Doris Fiasorgbor holds a Master of Science degree in Poverty Reduction and Development Management from the University of Birmingham (UK) and Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Development Studies from the University of Development Studies. She was a Development Consult with Maple Consult.


Research Interests:

Rural and Urban Poverty, Livelihoods, Food Security, Social Policy,Water and Sanitation, Environment and Development, Gender issues, Local Governance, Project Management etc


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Conference Paper

Laryea, N.O.A., Dotse, F.M., Fiasorgbor, D. and Ampadu-Boakye, J. (2008): Women, water and sanitation-challenges and prospects; in Hazel Jones (e.d.):  Proceedings from the 33rd Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) International Conference under the theme: Access to Sanitation and Safe Water: Global Partnerships and Local Solutions. Accra, Ghana, 7th- 11th April 2008. WEDC, UK.