Alex Tetteh

M.Phil, B.Ed  
Position: Lecturer
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Department: Social Studies
Campus: Akuapem
Location: Akropong, Faculty Room 8
Phone: +233249129494
Linked In:
Brief Profile:

As a trained teacher from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, I have taught in several schools including Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast. I am a versatile teacher and have gathered much experience in the teaching profession from the Basic through to the University level. I joined the Department of Social Studies Education of PUCG in October 2016, and have since been teaching several courses including Elements of Economics (micro & macro); Economy of Ghana; Principles and Methods of Teaching; Principles and Practice of Curriculum and Instruction; Curriculum Studies in Social Studies; etc. My passion for teaching is anchored in that rare opportunity for continual learning and growth imbued in the challenge of helping students achieve their fullest potential. I believe that in the teaching profession, one thing that is soothingly fulfilling is to see traces of your contribution in the success of every student that went through your hand— it is for this reason that I teach with passion and with the mindset that every student counts.

Research Interests:

1. Curriculum design, implementation and evaluation

2. Teacher Education

(a) Economics Education

(b) Geography Education

(c) Social Studies Education


1. Tetteh, A., & Khumi-Agbasa, P. (2019). Basic school teachers’ knowledge in fundamental curriculum concepts and curriculum development process in Ghana. Journal of Education and Practice, 10 (9), 95-104.

2. Tetteh, A. (2016). Off-campus lesson plan preparation, supervision and assessment: teacher trainees’ perspectives. Applied Research Journal, 1(4), 70-83

  • Workshop on “Donor Grant Funding”, organised by the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, in Abetifi, on 31st January, 2018, Participant.
  • Seminar on “Managing 21st Century Tertiary University: the Total Quality Management Factor”, organised by the Presbyterian University College, Ghana, in Abetifi, on 28th November, 2017, Participant.
  • 8th Academic Seminar of the Faculty of Development Studies, Presbyterian University College, Ghana, on the theme “Poverty eradication and climate change: Policy Implication for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, 24th February, 2017. Paper presented: Off-campus lesson plan preparation, supervision and assessment: teacher-trainees’ perspectives.
  • Staff Workshop on how to write proposals for funding organized by the Faulty of Development Studies, Presbyterian University College, Ghana, 24th-25th November, 2016, Participant.
  • Staff Development Workshop on the importance of measurement, assessment, and appraisal in the teacher’s work, organised by Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast, 11th-15th September, 2016, Participant.
  • Workshop on improving classroom delivery through continuous professional development programme by educationists from UK, 30th May—1st June, 2016, Participant.
  • Graduate Seminar on postgraduate thesis supervision, organised by the School of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the College of Education Studies and the Training and Development Section, 4th November, 2014, Participant.
  • 4th Collaboration of Education Faculties in West Africa (CEFWA) International Conference, University of Cape Coast 9th – 11th September, 2013, Participant.
  • Leadership Training Seminar organised by National Union of Presbyterian Students, University of Cape Coast branch on the theme Leadership and followership: Working with others (the relationship), 9th August, 2011, Participant.
  • International workshop on strategies for effective research and quality teaching in education, Faculty of Education – UCC and Monash University, Australia, August, 17th – 18th, 2010, Participant.

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