Mr. Gabriel Ofosu Agyapong

MSc, BSc,  
Position: Lecturer, Assistant Dean of Students
Faculty: Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Department: Physician Assitantship
Campus: Asante Akyem, Agogo
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Brief Profile:

I am currently a Lecturer at the Department of Physician Assistantship of PUCG where I teach Biochemistry and Nutrition. The Department of Physician Assistantship is a centre of excellence (academic and professional) in Physician Assistant Training in Ghana. Also PUCG provides a friendly environment and opportunity that allows balance of academic, professional, religious, and social life. I am glad to be part of a bigger PUCG family.
I am a team player, show high commitment to responsibilities, and able to adapt and cooperate well in life of the academic and social environment.


Research Interests:

  • Enzymes and bioprocesses technology
  • Population nutrition, water and food analysis and safety
  • Nutrition and metabolic disorders
Publications and Conferences:

  1. Akumiah, P. O., Agyekum, O., Asare, K., Nayembil, D. A., Agyapong, G. O., Frimpong, K. O. and Akanzeriba, A. A. (2016). Nutritional knowledge, attitude and intake among HIV patients: A study at Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, Ghana. Applied Research Journal, 1 (3)
  2. Dzogbefia, V. P., Ofosu, G. A. and Oldham, J. H. (2008). Evaluation of locally produced Saccharomyces cerevisiae pectinase enzymes for industrial extraction of starch from cassava in Ghana. Scientific Research and Essay, 3 (8), 365 – 369.
  3. Dzogbefia, V. P., Ofosu, G. A. and Oldham, J. H. (2008). Physicochemical and pasting properties of cassava starch extracted with the aid of pectin enzymes produced from Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC52712. Scientific Research and Essay, 3 (9), 406 – 409